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Spider Quad prototype

This 10m antenna was build to test the operation of a Quad with no boom or a "Spider Quad".
All the element supports are connected to one common point in the center of the antenna construction.
This test antenna was constructed with easily available, low cost materials.
The element supports are 2m long plastic tubes with diameter of 16mm.
Better alternative for element supports would probably be fiber glass fishing rods.

Figure. General construcion of the Spider Quad antenna for 10m.

The center connection was built using 30cm long flat iron bars of 2cm x 3mm.
The bars form a cross and they were bent a little as shown below.
The element supports are connected to the iron bars with hose clamps.

The center cross made of iron flat bars.

Spider Quad center point construction.

Connection of the element wire to the element support.


Place for connecting a tuning stub to the reflector wire (this possibility was not used in the 10m test antenna).

Antenna in the air.