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430MHz ATV transmitter

                                                              Start on 1997/11/14, all pictures were in Oct.1997.


ATV transmitter on 430MHz band used with special transmitting tube named 5894 for final stage. Run about 10W average for TV signal and 20W at synchronous peak. Final stage control gird modulation works well for NTSC color video signal and good at audio as well. Block diagram you can find. Wow!! All tubes.. but sorry for Japanese.         


Comparing the equipment to the chair below, you can find the size of the equipment. This is a huge or bulky massive equipment, about 40cm(W,D), 20cm(H).
This case was completely my handmade. I've taking pains for drilling and painting.

Also I was annoyed with plenty of screw which fix the angled case to chases. I have opened this case to take picture recently, maybe after 10 years close...

** Front View **


LEFT: Multi purpose meter see below "knob"
RIGHT: Plate current of final stage

   KNOB  Function selection switch for left hand meter

* Output 6360 doubller to 144MHz
* Grid current  6252 tripler from 144  to  430MHz
* Output 6252
* Grid current 5894 Final stage
* Final output





 M type for Video and 4 pin for audio with stand by control

Inside the final box

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