QSL cards ending in **5AD

(2) Cards exchanged, or found on Internet


5T5AD (1963), Tks to Noël F9TN

A35AD, Tks to Mario I2MQP

BX5AD (9W2RZL Collection)

BZ5AD (1956) K8CX Collection

CR5AD (1951) K8CX Collection


D5AD QSL Collection

DK5AD, Tks to Phil F5PHW



FM5AD (2001), Tks to Terry VE3TMG

FM5AD , Tks to Tony LZ1JZ

G5AD (1927) G4UZN Collection


G5AD (1937)

G5AD (1938) K8CX Collection


If your call is ending in 5AD, please contact me at f5ad by hotmail.com for a sked, or for a simple exchange of cards via Internet.

73, André


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