F5AD's antennas with Google Earth


Whith Google Earth one can see ham radio antennas! for example mine.

The gray ellipse on the top of the picture is a parabola
(diameter 3m20); just below we can see the two decametric stacked Yagis : TH6 and Create 248A, (dual band 18-24).




Lower, in the center of the picture, it is not a four elements Yagi ,it is the booms of VHF UHF antennas 2x19 elements for 432 and 2x9 elements for 144.



On the right of the VHF-UHF antennas, we can see two groups of white points: 10 GHz parabolas for our ATV repeater F6ZFI; the smallest is a 30cm offset.



At the bottom, close to the building, we can see a 5 elements 50 MHz Yagi.

To see possible changes, it is necessary to have Google Earth on your computer and to click here.


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