The antennas theory and practice

by André Ducros F5AD



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Present edition


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Premier livre sur les antennes



Edition actuelle rééditée


This book had been ordered from the author by the Reseau des Emetteurs Francais, but it was published first of all by the Soracom company with the above left cover, then taken again after corrections and updates by SRC Mégahertz company with the above right cover; it is now published by Elektor with the central cover.

It comprises 470 pages; it is written in French.

It is currently available in this last re-examined and improved form at Elektor .


Text of presentation

Impassioned by the antennas, the author wrote many articles on this subject. He signs there a new edition, re-examined and supplemented, of a reference work combining the theory and the practice.

Essential element of a station, the antennas offer an inlimited field of experimentation, accessible to all.

From the filar antenna to the great gain aerial, from dipole to the parabola, from HF to SHF, the author proposes multiple solutions. The theoretical study is followed of a detailed description, accompanied by many tricks and easy solutions.

True bible on the transmitting an receiving antennas, this book is intended to the technicians and the amateurs.


Synopsis of the first book

Synopsis of the present book

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