On board Deïxon

Meetings in the gulf

of "Aigues Mortes"





Baleines 1

Rorquals of the Mediterranean; those were only 12 meters long , and no more than 10 tons...

Baleines 2

5 meters nearer it was the accident, but I had priority.



Espadon 1

sure, it is a swordfish

Espadon 2

The proof!


Sometimes we find exotic or tropical fish off "le Grau du Roi"

Dorade coryphène

here a coryphene, more frequent on the road to the Antilles


as for this barracuda

Tassergal 1

Or for this tassergal, away from its African coasts

Corps à corps dramatique

When the fish is too large for the landing net, a hand to hand fight becomes inavoidable.

Tassergal 2

F5AD: 1

Tassergal: 0

Loup de Méditerrannée (ou Bar)

A bass, it is less exotic, but it is fine to eat.

Bonite à dos rayé

as for the bonito.


Magalie serial killer

Here one of the wellknown reasons of the disappearance of certain species in the Mediterranean: Magalie

With five mackerels and an oblade on the same line.

On right-hand side, it is not a fishing rod, but a vertical 14 MHz threaded in a fibreglass rod.


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