ATV peditions




1999 Mountain of Lure
Lure 99 F6BES F1FCO F5AD (photo swl Thierry)

1999 on the Mountain of Lure,from left to right: F6BES, F1FCO, F5AD; swl Thierry behind the camera.


1997 Mountain of Lure

From left to right: F1FUU, F6BES, F1FCO, F1CWD.

The storm arrived a few hours later, the night was long.


1996 Heights of Narbonne
Narbonne 96 F1YI F5JP

From left to right F1YI, F5JP.


1996 offshore from Carnon

ATV en maritime mobile 10 GHz

1O GHz ATV in maritime mobile offshore of Carnon, sailboat "le Deïxon"; transmitter 20 mW with Gunn diode and 17 dB horn.

Magalie compensating the rolling.

On left, the camera posed on the cap.

F5AD/MM au micro

The picture received at F1FCO in Grau du Roi visible at the horizon.


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