Repeater of the mountain of Lure (04)


Lure le soir, avant la tempête, la nuit fut longue











Ways, frequencies, adjacent nodes, polarizations

in the final network

Site 4 (Lure)
Call sign in progress
Transmitter Receiver
Code Fréq. Dest. Pol. Code Freq. Orig. Pol.
With 1255 Users H 1 1255 Users H
D 10400 F5ZGK V 3 10150 F1ZGM H
        7 10100 F5ZGK H
        9   Call sign  

Possible commands in the final version: #4A1 #4A3 #4A7 #4A9 #4D1 #4D3 #4D7 #4D9


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