The vocal server in the town of Nimes


A vocal server is installed in Nimes (by F5AD) on 144,575 MHz since1989, it became quickly with this frequency a point of appointment for ATV activities of the area.

The startup is done by DTMF by typing code *5AD.

This command starts the computer (a 386) and a recorded message announces that you have 20 seconds to wait, so that the program boot up.

20 seconds after, a synthesized voice (it is necessary to be accustomed) tells how many messages are in memory and that you have to type **00 if you want to know the instructions.



Always on 144,575 MHz, always by typing four DTMF characters without releasing the PTT:

**00 gives the instructions (human voice) :

**99 gives the list of the messages in memory. (from 1 to 98 possible messages)

** xx where xx is the number of the message which one want to read starts the reading of message xx; for messages 1 to 9 it is necessary to type 01 to 09. **04 will read message 4, if it exists

*ABC launches the recording of a message; the duration of recording is thirty seconds, if this speaking time is exceeded, the end of the message is lost, but the server announces it when the microphone is released

the server gives its number to the message

If the same DTMF code is too often taped, or if one makes too many suntax errors, that irritates the server which at the end can decide to make other thing

The computer dies out after a few minutes without DTMF instructions, it should be started again by *5AD


Range of the system

The range is regional, from Marseilles to Narbonne, if you come to make ATV in the South, announce your presence and your hours of traffic.


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