ATV repeater F5ZGN

Aigoual Mount


Place of installation: Aigoual mount, altitude 1565 m

Administrative person in charge F5AD

Take part in its operation: F1FCOMire alternée F5ZGN installée à l'Aigoual, F5AD and F6BES


Video sources:

Emission 1255 MHz:

Emission 10310 MHz:

Reception 2320 MHz:

Reception 1255 MHz:

Remote controls:




F1FCO installant le relais , 100 km/h, moins 1 degrés

The maintenance actions on the Aigoual mount are always an interesting experiment, especially in winter like here, where one sees Pierre F1FCO directing the radome; minus 1 degree Celsius in the fog and the wind blew with more than 100 km/h (figures of the station weather)

It was in October, we finished a little before midnight...





Ways, frequencies, adjacent nodes, polarizations

in the final network

Site 7 (Aigoual)
Transmitter Receiver
Code Fréq. Dest. Pol. Code Freq. Orig. Pol.
With 1255 Users H 1 1255 Users H
D 10310 F5ZEI H 6 2320 Users H
        6 2320 F5ZEI H
        9   Call sign  

Possible commands in the final version: #7A1 #7A6 #7A9 #7D1 #7D6 #7D9


References on 1255 MHz 2300 MHz 10 GHz

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