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QSL Policy

QSL card F5AD 1

Out of print

QSL card F5AD 2

Out of print

I have no more white or green QSL (above). I send now the color one (see below).

After a contest activity, I often provisionally send "Xerox" copies of the black and white QSL, but when you send me your card, I reply with the color one.

QSL card F5AD 2

Present QSL


/MM QSL Policy

QSL /MM envoyée via "Global QSL" uniquement

Out of print

/MM QSL, sent only via GlobalQSL (Photo F6EPT)

I have no more white QSL (the left one); and I can not send the color /MM QSL directly (the right one); that card is only possible via buro (via GlobalQSL); but with a very long delay, I am searching for another solution.

For direct exchange I send my current QSL with /MM hand writed.


Direct QSL

I prefer via buro; but it is long; and from time to time cards are lost somewhere in the world.

If you prefer direct, send me your card with a self adressed enveloppe, and if possible enough for return postage:

  • France: a french stamp
  • European union and Switzerland: one dollar
  • Rest of the world: two dollars.

IRC is possible, but attention, it must be recent, stamped and dated by your post office; an I have to go to my post office to exchange it. So, I prefer "green stamp", but choose what is better for you.




QSL card with 5AD suffix

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