ATV repeater F1ZGM


Place of installation: Nimes (F1FCO)Mire F1ZGM installé chez F1FCO

Administrative person in charge F1FCO

Take part in its operation: F1FCO, F5AD, F6BES and F6HTW


Video sources:

Transmitter 10320 MHz:

Reception 1255 MHz:

Reception 2320 MHz:

Remote controls:


Any emission on Nimes on 1255 or 2320 is automatically transmitted towards Marseille, without any human intervention for the moment.

This repeater is node of the network and allows the Nimes connection towards Marseille

repeater F5ZAJ in Marseille, on request of the Marseilles users, may retransmits the Nimes signals on the Marseilles area.



Ways, frequencies, adjacent nodes, polarizations

in the final network

Site 3
Transmitter Receiver
Code Fréq. Dest. Pol. Code Freq. Orig. Pol.
D 10080 F5ZAJ H 1 1255 Users H
D 10150 Lure H 2 2320 Users H
        2 2320 F5ZEI H
        2 2320 F5ZFI H
        8   Webcam  
        9   Call sign  

Possible commands in the final version: #3D1 #3D2 #3D8 #3D9

References on 2300 MHz 10 GHz

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