Questions reponses

a book for the ham radio licence

by André Ducros F5AD


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Livre F5AD Questions Réponses pour la licence radioamateur

This book was first of all published by the Reseau des Emetteurs Francais under the title "Trafic Technique Reglementation" with the above coveron the left.

Then it was taken again by the Soracom company with above cover on the right under the new title "Questions Reponses".

It entirely was finally remelted at the exit of the last regulation and the version currently on sale, here on the right, takes account of the new texts and the new programs.

The book is written in french.

It is available in this last form rewrited and supplemented at SRC Mégahertz which publishes also the book on les antennes.

The address of SRC Mégahertz is Po Box 88 - 35890 Laillé France



Preface of the book

This last edition of the book Questions Reponses for the ham radio licence takes account of the new regulation in force since the publication of the texts with the JO of March 13 and May 26, 1998.

New topics are approached, certain others are treated more in-depth, the step is didactic and explanatory, the significant point being to understand the phenomena.

The ham radio medium has its practices, its ethics, its vocabulary, the chapter " traffic ", beyond certain points of the regulation, will help the new authorized in its first steps in the impassioning universe of the emission of amateur.

Good reading, and with soon on the waves.

Andre Ducros F5AD

Synopsis of the book

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